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Lessons I learnt so far during all this time in the stock market from a more philosophical point of view.

🔹 Stock market is like life itself. It’s ALL about DECISION MAKING and EQUITY MANAGEMENT.

🔹 What to buy? When to buy? Leverage? When to close? Should I cut these losses? Hold? How much risk I’m willing to take ? All those questions are done by all the investors daily and only those who chose the correct answer get profits. All those researchs and analysis are to get the most information possible to make the best decision possible. …

Look at this peak. There was a red candle stick with high volatility after a run up. This suggests the beginning of market uncertainty. The following candle stick was red, indicating a trend downwards.

After large falls, people tend to buy to test out if they found a good position.
Then after that hour, the “fight back” was not as strong as the fall…
so people became uncertain and dropped.
but then, the next drop is not as much, giving people confidence,
and another attempt at a bull run!


Jan 27 — Dads birthday
Feb 12 — Chinese New Year
Feb 13 — Bros birthday
March 9- Mums birthday
March 14 — Prudences birthday
April 13 — Dads farewell + thingyan
May 15 — My birthday
May 21 — Mum and dads marriage anniversary
July 27 — Jess’s birthday
August 3 — Grandpa birthday

Religious Holidays:


Feb 14 — St. Valentine’s Day
March 8 — International Womans Day
Mar 17 — St. …

Chapter 1. Introduction

The book begins with an autobiographical account of the authors character — a man that defines himself as determined. He lives life intentionally, to plan the road ahead as much as possible to avoid pitfalls and traps that life throws.
Thus setting up the premise of the book, as a life style guide, with the target market of men, presumably in their twenties, looking for guidance to set up the coming decades of their life.

He then condones competitors within that sphere that seeks to profit for giving advice to young men. He condones the pick up artist community that…

Chapter 7: Education

In the coming era, there is a revolution of pedagogy.

Learning will becoming akin to a crowd sourcing process as students learn together, knowledge is a publicly shared good and a shared experience among a community. The new role of the teacher is now to act as guides, set up enquiries and allow students to work in small group environments. The goal is to stimulate collaborative creativity.
“Skype in the classroom” is an example with thousands of registered teachers across the globe permitting student exchanges with kids from other countries. “Collaborative classrooms” allows teachers to share open-source curricula. “Service learning”…

Chapter 1.

Begins with a history lesson. In 1913–1920 there was massive inflation due to government debt and fiat wealth from WW1. The book begins by arguing that common stocks will buffer against inflation more than bonds or money in the bank.

The book then encourages the reader to become a common stock investor rather than a stock speculator, to with-hold oneself stoically from excitement and regrets, confusion and temptation.

1.1 Defensive Investors

Will tend to purchase shares of leading investment funds rather than creating their own portfolio. Alternatively, they will utilise common trust funds. They will invest in the chosen stocks at regular time intervals with a fixed amount each time — so he will buy more shares in low markets, leading to average returns.

“If I ventured in the slipstream
Between the viaducts of your dream”

Starts with impressions of relationships,
Starts strongs and immeditately invites the listener into lucidity.

A slipstream is a space. This space is related to pressure and travel and vehicle. A transportation. An acceleration. an encapsulated space that is beyond the normality.

kiss in the eye, a baby, child, father, city, country, places, characters in the scene. In the end, like an ascent into the holy, a nod to transformation at the end and repetition and pattern, a distillation into essence. …

Having read half way through the book, the guy basically narrates a story as to why chumps slave away as employees, do not take responsibility for their own financial security, are afraid of risk and grow resentful when they face the daunting truth that the job of the boss is to pay the employee a pay check — not to make them necessarily rich. He cites an example of a boss selling a company, becoming very wealthy, and then telling his faithful employees who had served him for years, to be on their merry way.

4 Quandrants of income


  1. The band beginnings
    In a shed, flyering, local shows, EP recording.
  2. A space where intelligence was not the highest ideal. Gasp I thought, my percieved sense of self throughly linked to an identity with the foundation of intellectualism does not automatically confer social status? What is this harresy?
    A good quote by Bertrand Russell on how some individuals suffer “paralysis by analysis”. I believe intelligence is a gift for those who are naturally talented but ultimately a tool. Intelligence without wisdom and morality can actually be dangerous. Some of the greatest atrocities of the 20th century was done by intelligent…

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